Community Transformation - Tanzania

Our heart is to reach the unreached and unengaged, equipping leaders and believers to go and make disciples, until all of Tanzania has an opportunity to know Jesus. CT (Community Transformation) integrates with the strategy of church planting movements and is used successfully as an entry point with unreached people groups to build relationships and open doors for the Gospel.

Community Transformation equips, educates, and empowers communities so they can be transformed for God’s glory! Using practical, Bible-based, easily implemented tools, we help communities identify their greatest problems, prioritize those problems, and develop an appropriate strategy for solving them, using sustainable resources available within the community. In the process, they learn about Jesus's unconditional love and genuine concern for them.

  • Number of local villagers trained in CT: 1250
  • Number of CT transformation projects started: 600
  • Professions of faith through CT training: 85
Read some stories from the field: Tanzania Transformation Stories

We are dependent on donations to do this work. Every donation given to the TZ CT fund is used to support our in-country work. Help us continue to bring hope of a better life to families in Tanzania. Donate here

To hear more about Susan Kelly's story and Community Transformation in Tanzania visit  Susan's e3 Missions Page

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