Multiplying the Gospel means multiplying the transformation of lives and communities. Churches will grow and expand their impact when a church planting strategy integrates tangible, sustainable solutions to a community’s greatest problems. Through Community Transformation, we model and assist the local church with easily facilitated trainings in the local community to help people take ownership of their community’s future and recognize the resources God has entrusted to them.

When you participate with us in Community Transformation, you’ll learn practical, Bible-based, easily implemented tools that help community leaders identify their greatest problems, prioritize those problems, and develop an appropriate strategy for solving them with sustainable resources available within the community. You will experience a witnessing strategy that transforms daily life for entire communities, makes them positively predisposed to the gospel, and moves toward church.


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Vital Statistics

Number of local villagers trained in CT: : 2,200

Number of CT transformation projects started: : 1,100

Number of countries engaged in CT:: 10

Number of CT trips annually: 8


  • Tanga, Tanzania - TZ19E

    March 14-25, 2019

    We use Community Transformation as the entry point with the unreached to build relationships that will open the door for the gospel. Some of the activities we will be doing include empowering Community Transformation group leaders and teaching practical things, like business skills, healthy relationships and characteristics of Godly families - all to Muslim people. Read More ›

  • Kapoeta, South Sudan - SD19A

    March 30, 2019 - April 13, 2019

    Come be a part of reaching the Toposa people, one of the largest unreached people groups in South Sudan. During this trip, we will be working in new areas among the Toposa people where there are no churches. Read More ›

  • Nkhata Bay, Malawi- MW19A

    June 3-14, 2019

    The Lord is pouring out His spirit in a great way in Malawi. He is raising up the national church to fulfill the Great Commission, and there is a great openness to the message. Read More ›

  • Bagamoyo, Tanzania - TZ19G

    June 6-17, 2019

    We will be working with the Zaramo people, the largest unreached people group in Tanzania. They are predominantly Muslims, with a few Christ followers living among them. Read More ›

  • Maneromango, Tanzania - TZ19K

    July 29, 2019 - August 9, 2019

    During this trip, we will be partnering with newly-trained followers of Christ to strengthen existing churches and plant churches where none exist. We will be prayer walking, identifying persons of peace, sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and begin discipling new believers as they gather into home churches. Read More ›

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