The Philippines consists of over 7,200 islands, only 700 of which are inhabited. The former Spanish colony is experiencing a rapid population swell that remains highly diverse while its economy struggles to keep up.

The Catholic Church holds a firm grasp on Filipino culture and the region has become a central hub for missionaries mobilizing into neighboring countries. Local churches are uniting to spread the Gospel across the Philippines, assembling a sending force of over 3,000 missionaries. However, over 5 million people have still never heard the Gospel, coming from 33 different people groups.

e3 Partners is working to ensure that a thriving local church exists in every community throughout Philippines. We are equipping existing believers and training local pastors to identify unreached communities and share the Gospel effectively. As people come to faith in Christ, we are establishing small groups that help them take the next steps in their spiritual growth and serve as the seeds for new churches.