Whether you’re going overseas or looking for ways to share the Gospel in your home environment, we offer resources that equip you to tell your story, pray for our world, and gather with other believers.

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Find all of the gear you need to express the Gospel in your own life. Tell the world you’re second in the I Am Second store or pick up cubes and other tools for your upcoming mission trip.


Join other Christians who are praying around the world for local churches. Download the I am Second Prayer Journal and connect with the 8thirty8 community. We have tools to dramatically enhance your prayer life!


Invite an I am Second speaker to host your next event. These personalities will inspire your audience with their personal stories and challenge your fans with new ideas.


Learn more about the heartbeat of e3 Partners and how you can be involved in what God is doing around the world!

“My favorite part about e3 is that they are so intentional. They work hard to ensure that your trip makes a difference in people’s lives.”

// Jenny

Doug Bender's Staff Support Fundraiser

Doug and Catherine invite you to partner with them in reaching the people of Colombia and the US.

They have served with e3 Partners for 15 years working to plant churches in rural Ethiopia, Nepal, Russia, and many other places. Today, Doug and his family serve in both the US and Colombia, South America.

In the US: Doug has designed and written the tools and training for a 130,000 small groups in America, written numerous books including I am Second: Real Stories. Changing Lives. (best seller: 2012), and Live Second, I Choose Peace, and I Found Love. He is the Long-Form Editor for where he oversees the blog and creates many of the discipleship tools featured on the site. Doug and Catherine also are planting churches in the Pittsburgh area where they are implementing the same type of disciple multiplying principles they've seen God use around the world. 

In Colombia: Doug leads the team aiming to reach Colombia through as a 15 year veteran of e3 Partners Ministry. He began his work in Colombia in 2015 focising on the Coffee District area of the country. He is now leading the effort to reach the lost in every city, region, and people throughout the country. 

Beyond Evangelism 

e3 Partners work alongside local churches to equip God's saints to evangelize his world and establish new church and Bible studies. 
Equip- e3 Partners provides personalized training in how to share the gospel and start discipleship groups both at home and in Colombia
Evangelize- e3 Partners mobilizes people to share the gospel with culturally appropriate tools and methods.
Establish- e3 Partners builds networks of biblical, scalable, and globally-minded churches to reach the unreached. 

Short Term Mission Teams, Long Term Impact
Doug and Catherine work with local churches to provide the logistics, training, organization, and strategic planning to bring in American coworkers to plant new churches in Colombia. We provide Colombians and Americans with translated evangelism, discipleship, and small group tools needed to do the work of the ministry. Training is provided both for the Colombian side of the team and the American side on how to share the faith, make disciples, gather those disciples into new churches, and to care and oversee those churches long-term.

Making Missions Accessible to the Local Church
By donating you become a ministry partner enabling us to connect local churches here in the US with those in Colombia to plant new churches in unreached regions, cities, and villages. You become partners with us and those churches in expanding the Kingdom by providing funds for workers, tools, and training needed for starting new churches and Bible studies. 

Online Media Ministry
As the media arm of e3 Partners, I Am Second uses media of all types to introduce Jesus to people online. Doug's particular role on the team is to manage the blog, discipleship tools, and other long-form writing projects in order that more and more people can hear the good news of Jesus.

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