Shepherd’s Corner: November 2021

Hello, e3 family! Here we are at the tail-end of 2021. The year certainly flew by, didn’t it? I want to take a moment to recognize all of your hard work for the Kingdom and wish you a very happy Thanksgiving. I hope you get to partake in some relaxing downtime with your family and friends over a nice turkey dinner. Or maybe you’re the type who enjoys the thrill and excitement of Black Friday shopping. Either way, please enjoy the festivities and remember to thank the Lord for His incredible provision throughout this year.

I, for one, am counting my blessings for the Made to Multiply Summit which took place just a few weeks ago. It’s not often that we can gather our entire staff together in one place, and for that I’m truly grateful to God. We packed an incredible amount of content into the two-day event, so please allow me to reiterate some of the most important talking points, particularly for those of you who were unable to attend.

As e3 President Scott Cheatham mentioned, it’s absolutely critical for us to recognize that the principle of multiplication is a key component of our identity in Christ as we look to train one million believers via the Made to Multiply initiative. Additionally, as we stated in a new e3 History video and Made to Multiply Overview video, a spirit of innovation will continue to guide the efforts of our ministry for the foreseeable future.

Moving into 2022, we all need to be keenly aware of the top 5 missional imperatives & impediments (screenshot below) that will make or break our ministry efforts over the next five years. These, of course, must be supported by a foundation of personal holiness and a posture of worship, fasting, and prayer.

In order to train one million believers over a period of five years, each one of us has to take action now. How? By training those in our immediate sphere of influence, for starters. In my case, I have already scheduled an initial Made to Multiply training at my home church. Can you, too, schedule a training? Afterward, we can offer participants additional opportunities to get engaged in the Great Commission through local outreach, virtual trips, short-term trips, long-term deployment or other training events. From there, as you and your team begin developing your strategic plans for the coming year, seek the Lord’s guidance in identifying your “5 People & Places.”

If we, as the Body of Christ, will commit to working together toward this God-sized vision over the next five years, we should bear witness to an exponential increase in Gospel shares, new believers, new churches, and new missionaries working to reach every person and place. Thanks again for all that you do and I look forward to connecting with you again soon about additional action steps we can all take in support of Made to Multiply.

In Christ,

Jim Shannon
Chief Executive Officer
e3 Partners Ministry