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Fearless Love was established by my Dad in 2010 with a passionate vision to support Muslim refugees in America, in order to bring them to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, he recently passed away, leaving behind a powerful ministry that I am now honored to co-lead with my mom. I am committed to fulfilling his desire for the ministry to carry on, and I invite you to support me on this journey.

At Fearless Love, my Dad's initial focus was to provide essential resources, including food, housing, clothing, and job assistance, to Muslim refugees who are striving to provide for their families. He believed in demonstrating the love of Christ through practical acts of compassion, meeting their immediate needs while also fostering long-term growth and stability. These encounters set the tone for evangelism opportunities, salvation, and long-term discipleship.

Building upon my Dad's burden, we are also extending our ministry to university campuses. By engaging with students through evangelism and outreach events, providing mentorship, and establishing campus discipleship groups, we seek to ignite a passion for Christ and encourage students to grow in their faith.

By the end of 2024, we aim to disciple enough leaders in each of these communities to plant five churches within the DFW refugee communities, two churches in their home nations, and four churches on university campuses in DFW. Through these efforts, we hope to create lasting spiritual impact and transform lives for eternity.

To fulfill this mission, I will need your financial support. Financial contributions are vital in order for me to commit to these efforts full-time. I am asking for recurring monthly donation partners, as well as one-time gifts in order for me to commit to continuing Dad's ministry and supporting my mom with the help that she needs.

Will you partner with me in honoring my Dad's legacy, and sharing the gospel until there is #noplaceleft?

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