University Partnerships

University Partnerships

University partnerships are rapidly expanding. College students are passionate about serving and they feel an urgency to do it now! Colleges are joining forces with e3 Medical to provide healthcare students an opportunity to experience first-hand the practice of medical and ministry in third world cultures.

Healthcare professionals have the unique ability to immediately instill trust in people. There are millions of people across the world in desperate need of basic healthcare, and you can provide it for them. Be engaged with e3 Partners as we minister to people across the globe one person at a time: body, mind and spirit.

2020 University Trips

What’s in it for you:

  • Travel abroad
  • Experience new cultures
  • Put your healthcare skills into practice in another culture
  • Provide physical, emotional and spiritual healing to those in need
  • Add a life-changing experience to your resume!

*e3 Medical is an initiative of e3 Partners Ministry