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Our mission among the United States is simple: #NoPlaceLeft. Our desire is to see the good news of Jesus proclaimed to every person in the United States until there is literally no place left. We are striving toward this vision by equipping believers and churches to: 1) evangelize those who are far from God with the good news of Jesus; 2) establish new churches among those who believe the good news; 3) disciple new believers to become healthy, reproducing, transformative churches in their community. Now when we say “church” we don’t mean the box with a steeple. We simply mean a gathering of baptized believers devoted to obeying Jesus and living on mission together. We believe a church can meet here, there, or anywhere. Moreover, we believe it must. Over 50% of Americans are unchurched. And 53% percent of the unchurched population will not come to a church building if invited. Who is going to own this harvest field of nearly 156 million people far from God? It’s time believers are equipped and mobilized to bring Jesus and His church to all those far from God in the United States.

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Right now, we are focused on Honduras in combination with Dr. Wes Kennemore and Sam Neugent. This coming May 27 will be our fourth year working with the medical team in Honduras. Dr. Wes always has a team of about 30 including non-medical evangelism teams. We have worked with them in Peru, Paraguay and now in Honduras. 

This last summer we saw over 1600 patients in the clinic, including the approximately 400 that received reading glasses from Diane and her team. Robert was leading the on site evangelism team.  we shared the gospel with more than 1000 patients with hundreds making professions of faith in our Lord. When the lovely Diane returned to Michigan Sam, Craig and I stayed for a week of door to door sharing the gospel in the Chiquita banana plantation close to Progresso. During that mission we distributed freshwater systems to those willing to start groups in their homes. Hundreds heard the gospel, and many made professions of faith. 

We have been working together for years now. Sharing the gospel, planting churches and meeting the physical needs of people living in the jungles, mountains, towns, cities and now banana plantations of South America. Thank you for being our partners in this work.

Some go, some support, some pray, and we all share in the work of the gospel.
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We thank our God for friends and family like you who provide the financial support Diane and I must have to carry on our mission work with e3 Parnters Ministry in Peru.  God always provides for us using people like you.  

By financially supporting us, you are becoming a member of a missionary team. Those who send are just as important as those who go! 

Please pray about being a member of our team.  Your gift will be used to help us pay our typical expenses and to help us continue this work.

All gifts are fully tax deductible as you are giving through e3 Partners for us.

In addition to giving, would you please be praying for us and even consider spending 2% of your time this year by GOING with us to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ?

Thank you for your prayers and support.

Robert and Diane Dutton

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