Refugees flee the violence of their homelands by the millions. Globally, Christians face an unprecedented level of persecution. Meanwhile, young girls are enslaved by sex traffickers. And all of this as 3 billion people remain untouched by the Gospel message. The world is crying for its Savior. He’s bidding you to join his campaign to make all things new.

  • Human Trafficking

    Let’s end modern-day slavery by cutting it off from the source. Venture into remote villages where human trafficking rings are convincing poverty-stricken families to sell their own children. Reveal what's really happening and save the next generation by sharing the simple truth that every life is priceless.

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  • Not Forgotten

    Discover how you can get involved in showing God's redemptive love to the women and children of the Middle East with Not Forgotten. Join us and become immersed in Islamic culture as you bind up broken-hearted Muslim women with Jesus’ love.

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  • Sports

    Transform a community just by kicking around a soccer ball with children. Use your love for sports to reach new people with the Gospel.

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  • Medical

    Come alongside medical professionals offering free exams and life-changing treatment in Romania's lush foothills. Raise awareness about public health epidemics like HIV and Malaria in Sub-Saharan Africa. Whether you’re a medical professional or a compassionate volunteer, you can make a tangible difference in the lives of others.

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  • Family

    Team up with the generations in impacting the nations as together families, singles, college students and churches serve in Africa, Asia, Europe, Central and South America. Daily share yours and God’s stories as well as hold a children’s program and distribute eyeglasses.

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  • Orality

    Over 75% of the world communicates orally through verbal storytelling, drama, and song. Conveniently, over 70% of the Bible consists of stories. On Orality expeditions, we present the Gospel through compelling biblical stories and drama to people who learn through oral methods.

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  • Community Transformation

    Empower churches to address critical social, economic, and public health issues in their communities. Help congregations develop sustainable economic plans that use local resources to improve the lives of those around them.

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  • Refugees

    Over 60 million refugees are without home or hope. Go, learn, and serve in the midst of the largest humanitarian crisis since World War II.

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"My favorite part about e3 is that they are so intentional. They work hard to ensure that your trip makes a difference in people's lives."

// Jenny


Urban or rural? Dense jungles or endless plains? We’re serving in over 50 countries and you can join us.

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Give your church or private group a custom missions experience by planning a trip with e3 Partners. We take care of all the details so you can focus on leading your group well.


e3 Partners exists to raise up Christians with a passion for globally sharing the story of Jesus while launching new churches that transform local communities, go viral across the landscape, and change individual lives with the Gospel.

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  • The Stores

    The Stores

    Find all of the gear you need to express the Gospel in your own life. Tell the world you’re second in the I Am Second store or pick up cubes and other tools for your upcoming mission trip.

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  • Prayer


    Join other Christians who are praying around the world for local churches. Download the I am Second Prayer Journal and connect with the 8thirty8 community. We have tools to dramatically enhance your prayer life!

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  • Books


    Could you retain your faith even if it meant losing your life? Your family’s lives? Experience the stories of real Christians facing imprisonment, torture, and death around the world today.

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  • Speakers


    Invite an I am Second speaker to host your next event. These personalities will inspire your audience with their personal stories and challenge your fans with new ideas.

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  • Learning


    Learn more about the heartbeat of e3 Partners and how you can be involved in what God is doing around the world!

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