*This photo is a representation of Zain. His actual photo has been replaced for security purposes.

One day, on a recent trip to Africa, an e3 team had the opportunity to go to Kofi’s* home to share the Gospel. Kofi is a translator, who has worked with several e3 teams in the past.

His mother in law was the only one at home when the team arrived, and Kofi explained that his brother, who was against Christianity, told the rest of his family not to come and hear what the team had to say. However, after waiting about an hour Kofi’s uncle, two brothers and other family members showed up. The e3 team began sharing the many dangers of human trafficking with them, and this caught the attention of Kofi’s uncle, Zain*.

Then, the team shared the message of the Gospel. Zain listened intently, and once they had finished, he was convinced, saying the message of the Gospel was right and true. He was scared to accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior though, because of what his community would potentially do to him. He said that being an old man, he couldn’t defend himself, and that it didn’t matter anyways because he was too late. Zain explained that he spent his whole life worshipping other gods, and because of that, he thought he couldn’t become a Christian in his old age.

The team then shared the story of the sinner on the cross, becoming a Christian on his deathbed, and the way Jesus said He will be in paradise with him.

Zain was moved by this story, awestruck by the grace and mercy of Jesus.

The team then left Kofi’s house, promising to return later in the week, and when they did, Zain professed his faith Christ!

Kofi now disciples Zain weekly, and his faith continues to grow.


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