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We need you!  

With the current situation around the world of Covid-19, people are need water.

In Rwanda, the nationals will walk several hours to fetch clean water.  For the cost of a box of chocolate, you can bring water to 5 villages!

These projects will bring the water to the local church grounds and everyone will benefit. 

They will do the labor and we will provide materials! 

Join this effort today!

For $2200, hundreds, maybe thousands will benefit!

Thank You!
  • Unity in Community in Rwanda!

    Posted a week ago

    COMMUNITY TRANSFORMATION! Pam Walker and David Kalisa have just finished up training for a week in Tanzania and will fly to Rwanda tomorrow. What an exciting time they had. Now it's time to put into practice all they learned in Tanzania!

    Once back in Rwanda, they will visit Community Transformation sites that are already underway as they plan for future CT expeditions in Rwanda! It is an exciting time in Rwanda.

    Having planted over 4,000 churches since 2005, it's time to revisit some of the areas we first worked in and "help them help themselves" through Community Transformation!

    Tomorrow, September 20th is GIVING DAY at e3 Partners. For a 24 hour period beginning at midnight tonight, any gift you give will help the Rwanda team follow-up with all the churches planted as they bring Community Transformation to their villages. Each gift will be enhanced by a bonus pool provided by several generous donors.

    Will you give? This is a new ministry in Rwanda, so special gifts tomorrow would certainly help jumpstart the Rwanda CT account.

    On behalf of Pam Walker, David Kalisa, Anna Kayisinga and myself ... thank you in advance for considering e3 Rwanda Community Transformation!

    Unity in Community!!!

    Mary Wagner (on behalf of the traveling Pam Walker)

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    Mary Wagner

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