e3 Scholarship Fund

Fundraising can be a challenge when preparing to go on an e3 short-term mission trip. The e3 Scholarship Fund is a way to help our short-term missionaries pay for their trips.

God has shown us time and time again that He can do extraordinary things through ordinary people, and our short-term mission trips are a great way for believers to discover that and grow in their boldness for Christ. We are constantly looking for more people to join us in our efforts to multiply disciples and churches all over the world. All of our short-term missionaries are trained to share the gospel and gain confidence in doing so during their trips. When they return home, many of them begin doing the same things at home that they did abroad - praying for their neighbors, sharing the gospel, and discipling others. It's incredible to see how god uses these trips to light a fire in their hearts.

We don't want money to ever be the reason why someone is unable to go on a short-term mission trip with us. By giving to the e3 Scholarship fund, you can lower the cost of short-term mission trips for several people, and ultimately help transform their lives and the lives of people they encounter all over the world!

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