Human trafficking has become a worldwide epidemic that plagues every continent, including North America. Posing as sympathetic paternal figures, successful businessmen, or wise religious leaders, trafficking rings target young children and their families by promising wealth and a new life. As their victims blindly follow, they find themselves trapped in a life of hard labor, forced prostitution, and/or physical abuse.

Using the PricelessCube, you can join e3 Partners in educating at-risk communities about the dangers and practices of these traffickers. As a part of our Community Transformation initiative, we then help churches identify sustainable solutions to stimulate the local economy and reduce the desperation that leads to human trafficking.

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In the past twenty years, immigrants have reshaped the demographic makeup of Atlanta. It is home to every ethno-linguistic affinity in the world. In the past 10 years over one million people have immigrated to Atlanta from all over the world.

My vision is for every unreached ethnic group and community in Atlanta to hear the gospel resulting in churches being started that will multiply.  

To expand this much needed ministry, we need partners who will passionately pray with us and help with the increased cost of ministry. Your fervent prayers are greatly needed, and your financial partnership will be used for the cost of ministry expansion to the unreached. Through your prayer and financial partnership, you become a part of everything God does.

Through your financial partnership, you become a part of everything God does through me.  YOU are making an impact on the Kingdom with your contributions!   Just click the “Donate” button above to get started!  

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