Human trafficking has become a worldwide epidemic that plagues every continent, including North America. Posing as sympathetic paternal figures, successful businessmen, or wise religious leaders, trafficking rings target young children and their families by promising wealth and a new life. As their victims blindly follow, they find themselves trapped in a life of hard labor, forced prostitution, and/or physical abuse.

Using the PricelessCube, you can join e3 Partners in educating at-risk communities about the dangers and practices of these traffickers. As a part of our Community Transformation initiative, we then help churches identify sustainable solutions to stimulate the local economy and reduce the desperation that leads to human trafficking.

Randy Kirby's e3 Partners Fundraiser

United States

Organized by e3 Partners

Our Recent Journey

After 13 years of pastoring in Marietta, Georgia, the Lord led us to the Austin, Texas area for 6 years to learn how to multiply new disciple makers, churches and leaders.  It was an amazing and challenging time of growing as obedient disciples ourselves, who live out making new disciples of Jesus.  While we saw many turn to trust in Jesus and grow themselves, we are deeply impacted by 3 young couples we saw go from lostness to live as disciple makers even today!   

Now the Lord recently led us back to the north metro Atlanta area to strategically serve in a full time capacity the Gospel work of this region by identifying, training and empowering 5 disciple making teams.  

Our Vision

To see the Spirit of God produce the multiplication of new disciples, leaders and churches among the least reached (international unreached people groups in the US), college students, and blue collar workers in particular in the north metro Atlanta area so that the name of our Lord Jesus is exalted.  

Our Plan

We will focus on networking with regional leaders, offering Gospel Conversation Trainings to churches and groups, and modeling simple Gospeling/disciple making to anyone wanting to grow as a Disciple Maker.  

Our Team

We are excited about our new team with e3 Partners and look forward to seeing God's Spirit on the move in even greater ways among God's people in the north metro Atlanta area who want to be equipped to multiply new disciples through evangelism that leads to new churches being established!  

e3 Partners is a global missions agency advancing the Gospel and establishing the Church in over 65 countries, including the United States.  We now belong to a body of over 400 staff and 2,000 national partners sharing His Gospel among the nations.  

How You Can Help

While we praise the Lord for providing much of our current need for financial support, we still need to raise an additional $1,000.00 of regular monthly donations!  

If you would like to give to our Lord Jesus' Gospel mission through us, would you prayerfully consider joining our team as a prayer partner who financially gives monthly?  Your monthly or one time donations provides for our practical needs, protects us against financial emergencies that may disrupt our ministry, and supplies ongoing needed training and resources to help us expand disciple making through us.  

Through your financial support, you become a part of everything God's Spirit does through us. YOU are making an impact on the Kingdom with your contributions!   To get started, you can just click the “Donate” button above!  

Or, you can read the directions below on Ways To Contribute if you would prefer to give by check or some other way.  

Thank you in advance for your generosity!

Randy & Jessi Kirby

Ways to Contribute


 1. Set up a credit card or automatic bank account (ACH) transaction.

·   After clicking above on Donate to this Fundraiser, enter the amount of your one time or monthly donation. Include your name and email if you don’t have a giving account with Pure Charity.


·   After selecting your preferred way of payment, fill out the necessary credit card or banking information. Credit card gifts will repeat on the day of the month the gift is set up. For ACH transactions, you will have the option of selecting either the 1st or the 16th for monthly gifts. The gift will begin according to which option is selected.


·  Note: The staff person will not see an ACH gift on their fundraiser until after the first gift processes. Even though it is set up to recur monthly, it will show as a "one-time" gift on the fundraiser.


2. Pay by Check.

·  Make check payable to:       e3 PARTNERS

·  On the memo line, write:      FUN554367

·  Mail to:


PO Box 1053

Searcy, AR 72145


3. Use Automatic Bill Pay.


·   If you use online banking, go to your bank’s website and make the payment using the information below.


·   If you do not have access to the Internet, you can ask your bank or credit union to set up a monthly electronic payment (e-check) using the information below. If you do use on-line banking, go to their website and make payment to:



account #: FUN554367




PO Box 1053

Searcy, AR 72145


4. Stocks, Crypto, Donor Advised Funds, Qualified Distribution


·     Visit:

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