Human trafficking has become a worldwide epidemic that plagues every continent, including North America. Posing as sympathetic paternal figures, successful businessmen, or wise religious leaders, trafficking rings target young children and their families by promising wealth and a new life. As their victims blindly follow, they find themselves trapped in a life of hard labor, forced prostitution, and/or physical abuse.

Using the PricelessCube, you can join e3 Partners in educating at-risk communities about the dangers and practices of these traffickers. As a part of our Community Transformation initiative, we then help churches identify sustainable solutions to stimulate the local economy and reduce the desperation that leads to human trafficking.

Kilby’s On A Mission - NYC

Organized by Scott Kilby

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New York City is home to the largest city in the United States with a population of over 8 million people. 96% of the people living in NYC do not know Jesus as Lord and Savior. That is over 7.5 million people!

We felt the call to go to NYC in the summer of 2019 as we visited Anna’s parents in Queens. As we were walking the streets, we quickly saw the need of the Gospel. We will be partnering with laborers in Jackson Heights who are already bringing the good news of Jesus to those from the ends of the Earth. 

Below are some brutal facts about NYC. 

Jackson Heights Population: 200,000

Queens Population: 2.5 Million

NYC Population: > 8 Million 

New York Metro Area: > 20 Million

% of Lostness: 96%

Amount of Lostness: 7.6 Million 

Daily Death Rate: 120

There are 48 distinct people groups in NYC and 4 million people who call New York City home are from an unreached people group.

Jackson Heights and Queens County are home to many immigrants from across the world, making it the most diverse zip code and diverse county in the USA  

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