e3 Partners is working to ensure that a thriving local church exists in every community throughout Indochina. We are equipping existing believers and training local pastors to identify unreached communities and share the Gospel effectively. As people come to faith in Christ, we are establishing small groups that help them take the next steps in their spiritual growth and serve as the seeds for new churches.


We are currently serving the people of Indochina with the following initiatives.


Church Planting We are establishing local churches all over Indochina that are reproducing at an exponential rate. You can play a role in a global church planting movement by reaching those who would otherwise never hear the Gospel. Imagine generations of new believers making Christ first in their lives because you answered the call to go. Learn More

Orality Over 70% of the world’s population is ‘oral,’ meaning they learn through verbal communication. This has powerful implications for our evangelism strategies. Join others in sharing stories and dramas that communicate the Gospel and open doors to plant new churches. Learn More

Priceless Let’s end modern-day slavery by cutting it off from the source. Venture into remote villages where human trafficking rings are convincing poverty-stricken families to sell their own children. Reveal what’s really happening and save the next generation by sharing the simple truth that every life is priceless. Learn More


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