• Fiche, Ethiopia - ET18F

    March 29, 2018 - April 8, 2018

    We will be traveling to Fiche, Ethiopia this spring and giving out chickens to provide added eggs and income to families. We will also be educating families on the horror of human trafficking. Read More ›

  • Rural Cuba - CU18A

    March 30, 2018 - April 8, 2018

    Share the message of hope and love to the people of Cuba!

  • Amhara Region, Ethiopia - ET18A

    April 3-15, 2018

    This team will be spreading the love of Jesus through community development in partnership with believers in the Amhara region of Ethiopia. This is an exceptionally challenging area due to significant local opposition to the Truth. Read More ›

  • Middle East - XS18A

    April 11-21, 2018

    Join us as we minister to the people of the Middle East.

  • Trujillo, Peru - PE18A

    April 20-29, 2018

    Join us as we share God's story with the people of Peru!

  • Middle East - XJ18B

    May 1-12, 2018

    In 2011, a series of protests known as the Arab Spring broke out across the Middle East. While outcries in places like Egypt and Tunisia led to swift regime changes, the result in Syria can be described as nothing short of horrific. Read More ›

  • Puebla, Mexico - MX18A

    May 5-12, 2018

    Mexico is a country desperate for the clear gospel of Jesus Christ. For centuries the people of Mexico have labored to find the message of salvation by faith in a culture that teaches salvation is gained through a religious system of works. Read More ›

  • Bulawayo, Zimbabwe - ZW18A

    May 8-20, 2018

    This expedition will be one of encouragement, sharing the gospel, initiating the discipleship process and starting new multiplying churches. Each ministry day includes children's ministry, worship, prayer and outreach into the villages as our team works closely with Zimbabwean Christians to reach the lost in their communities. Read More ›

  • Arshan, Russia - RU18B

    May 8-19, 2018

    Want to walk together with us where the armies of Genghis Khan were led over 800 years ago? Rather than coming to conquer the Buryat people who live in Buryatia, we will come to share the love of a greater King, Jesus Christ. Read More ›

  • East Asia Pacific - XC18C

    May 17-27, 2018

    With 1.5 billion people calling the region home, East Asia contains nearly one third of the world’s total population. It is one of the world’s largest economic hubs with a technology sector and wide array of exports. Read More ›

  • Munga, Zambia - ZM18A

    May 18-26, 2018

    We are excited to be partnering with a local medical ministry and church. Students from some of our Alabama universities will be serving with us. Our USA and Zambia teams will work together to hold mobile clinics in and around Munga. Read More ›

  • Ireland - IE18A

    May 23-29, 2018

    Ireland is a country of extreme beauty and once had a well established Christian heritage. This heritage is diminishing quickly, and we need to revitalize this nation for Christ. Read More ›

  • Asuncion, Paraguay - PY18A

    May 25, 2018 - June 2, 2018

    Paraguay is a landlocked country surrounded by Brazil, Bolivia, and Argentina. Its population is about 6 million. On this trip we plan to use medicine to win the hearts of those who live around the capital city of Asuncion so that we can share the gospel and then disciple those who come to Christ. Read More ›

  • Oromo Region, Ethiopia - ET18C

    May 25, 2018 - June 10, 2018

    Watermark Church will share God's story and demonstrate His love to the people of Ethiopia!

  • TBD, Peru - PE18K

    May 25, 2018 - June 2, 2018

    This trip is a trip for fathers and their child or children to serve together on the Mission Field. They will share the gospel together, disciple new and existing believers together, and share some special bonding time between father and child. Read More ›

  • Maasai People Group, Tanzania - TZ18C

    May 26, 2018 - June 5, 2018

    Be a part of the compelling story of what God is doing to reach the Maasai people groups living in Tanzania with the saving grace of Jesus Christ.On this mission, we will work closely with veterinarians who continually open a door for the gospel through their aid to the coveted animals belonging to the Maasai people and their offers of much needed training and instruction for the shepherds and caregivers. Read More ›

  • Jicaro, Nicaragua - NI18C

    June 2-10, 2018

    Did you know that Nicaragua is the poorest country in Central America, and 2nd poorest in the Western Hemisphere? Life is difficult in Nicaragua, and bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ is bringing LIVING WATER to thirsty souls. Read More ›

  • Kome Island, Tanzania - TZ18E

    June 3-16, 2018

    Along the remote southwestern shores of Lake Victoria in northwest Tanzania, over 80,000 Zinza people reside on Kome Island. Many are fishermen, working at night and living a semi-nomadic lifestyle. Read More ›

  • Liwonde, Malawi - MW18B

    June 4-16, 2018

    The Lord is pouring out His spirit in a great way in Malawi. He is raising up the national church to fulfill the Great Commission, and there is a great openness to the message. Read More ›

  • Athens, Greece - GR18A

    June 7-16, 2018

    This is an unprecedented time for refugees from 40+ countries who have left their homes for sanctuary in Greece. You will have an opportunity to minister to both refugees and immigrants in one or more cities. Read More ›

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