• Hosanna, Ethiopia - ET17B

    March 1-11, 2017

    This trip is open only to Water of Life, Fontana, California.On this trip, we will reach out to an unreached Muslim group in Ethiopia using our CPM strategy. It is the intent of Water of Life to remove this group from the unreached list.

  • India (M) - IN17N

    March 2-13, 2017

    India(m) State, with a population of over 118 million people consisting of 768 different people groups (ethnic communities, tribes, etc.) is one of the most diverse cultures on the planet! Read More ›

  • India (Y) - IN17C

    March 3-12, 2017

    India (y) is an unreached state in North India whose people are 88% Hindu, 6% Muslim, 5% Sikh, and 0.2% Christian. Over 6000 villages (96%) in this state are unreached. Read More ›

  • Requena, Peru - PE17A

    March 10-18, 2017

    The city of Requena is the capital of the Requena District in the Amazon Rain Forest. With a population of 24,494, it sits on the Ucayali Rivera tributary of the Amazon River. Read More ›

  • Corrientes, Argentina

    March 10-19, 2017

    Argentina is a country desperate for the gospel of Jesus Christ. For centuries, the people of Argentina have labored to find the message of salvation by faith in the middle of a culture that teaches that salvation is gained by works and religion. Read More ›

  • Puebla, Mexico

    March 11-18, 2017

    Mexico is a country desperate for the clear gospel of Jesus Christ. For centuries the people of Mexico have labored to find the message of salvation by faith in a culture that teaches salvation is gained through a religious system of works. Read More ›

  • Middle East - XS17A

    March 11-21, 2017

    Note: This trip says it is "closed." That simply means that the trip is STILL ACCEPTING applications, but you can't sign up without first contacting the trip leaders. Read More ›

  • Aurora, Philippines

    March 11-22, 2017

    God is doing incredible things all across the Philipine Islands. We have been systematically working our way through entire regions and now it is time to bring the GOOD NEWS to the coastal city of Aurora. Read More ›

  • Tanga, Tanzania

    March 11-22, 2017

    Be a part of the compelling story of what God is doing to reach the Digo (population 204,000) and Segeju people (population 16,00), two of Tanzania's unreached people groups who live in the Tanga region. Read More ›

  • Harare, Zimbabwe

    March 20, 2017 - April 1, 2017

    This expedition will be one of encouragement, community transformation and church planting training, leadership development., evangelism and discipleship. Each day will include training in the morning and outreach into the community in the afternoon. Read More ›

  • Middle East - XJ17B

    March 21, 2017 - April 1, 2017

    Come with us as we share love and compassion with displaced men, women and children in the Middle East. The current refugee crisis is the worse crisis of its kind in this century. Read More ›

  • Northern Uganda

    April 4-12, 2017

    Ugandans need Jesus, and many have never heard of Him! Come, bring your family, and help us start new churches in walking distance of each Ugandan. As obedient followers of Christ they will glorify Him in a radical way because they will be seen as a viable, self-supporting indigenous church body, worshipping and growing together. Read More ›

  • Amhara Region, Ethiopia - ET17A

    April 4-15, 2017

    On this e3 Expedition, we will be spreading the love of Jesus through community development. We will minister in partnership with believers in the Amhara region of Ethiopia. Read More ›

  • Loja, Ecuador

    April 6-15, 2017

    Loja is the most unreached area of Ecuador, with less than 1% of the population having personal salvation through faith in Jesus. We will be holding medical clinics and offering free examinations and medicines as we work in the poorer barrios around the city of Loja. Read More ›

  • Middle East - XB17C

    April 7-17, 2017

    This is a great opportunity to reach the Syrian refugees through compassionate medical and or eye glass care. If it were not for the war, we would have VERY little opportunity to share God's love with these hurting souls. Read More ›

  • Cali, Colombia

    April 8-14, 2017

    Cali is the 2nd largest city in the country of Colombia and a key urban center in the south central part of the country. Cali is also the originating city for the missions work of e3 Partners Ministry. Read More ›

  • Cuba

    April 14-23, 2017

    Cuba is place like no other! It is a beautiful island full of old cars and amazing people. God’s spirit is moving across the land, and the people are hungry for the Gospel. Read More ›

  • Bulawayo, Zimbabwe ZW17B

    April 19-29, 2017

    This expedition will be one of encouragement, community transformation, church planting training and follow-up, leadership development, evangelism, discipleship and church planting! Read More ›

  • Kapoeta, South Sudan - SD17B

    April 26, 2017 - May 9, 2017

    Are you looking for a God-led adventure among an Unreached People Group? The Toposa of South Sudan are a beautiful tribe who don’t know the love of God. Their traditional religion has them immersed in a demonic world of hopelessness and fear. Read More ›

  • Cuba - CU17A

    April 28, 2017 - May 7, 2017

    Cuba is place like no other! It is a beautiful island full of old cars and amazing people.God's spirit is moving across the land, and the people are hungry for the Gospel. Read More ›

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