You can sign up for a mission trip individually or plan a custom experience for your small group or church. We have years of experience in making the process of going easy and enjoyable. We handle the arrangements to get you there and back, along with the ministry logistics on the field. You can learn more about the fundraising, logistics, and training process by clicking here.


Each trip typically lasts 8-10 days, including travel and one day for sightseeing. On each mission day, you will go into strategic areas of the community to present the Gospel and work with local Christians to establish small groups. Depending on the particular mission, you may also be involved in our medical outreach, sports programs, or community transformation efforts.


The impact of your efforts will be felt long after you have returned home. Every expedition leaves behind established small groups and churches designed to multiply over and again. You will also make a tangible impact in the lives of the local people. Click here to find a trip and register today.